Sentence Writing Practice for First Grade


Practicing Sentence Writing

Do your students need practice with sentence writing? Writing complete sentences is always such a challenge for first graders! They struggle with capitalization and punctuation as well as creating a complete sentence. Students need a TON of repeated practice with these writing skills.
I love these simple writing sheets for students. Each page has four pictures and students write a complete sentence for each picture. They are thematic and engaging for students with cute pictures.
The pages can be used in SO many ways!
  • Morning Work
  • Writing Centers
  • Writing Lessons
  • Fast Finishers
  • Science and Social Studies lessons

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Use for Morning Work

Once students have been introduced to the structure of the sheets, they know exactly what they are to do! This makes them so great for morning work. Students can come in the classroom and get started right away without having a lot of questions about what to do.

Use for Writing Lessons

Here are just a few writing lesson ideas:

  • Teaching a lesson on adjectives? Use the sheets for students to practice adding adjectives to their sentences.
  • Learning about questions? Have students write a question for each picture.
  • Working on parts of speech? Students can write sentences and circle the part of speech you are currently studying.

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Content Area Writing

Many of the pages can be used as part of your Social Studies and Science instruction. Writing sentences is a great way for students to recall and solidify their learning. Use them as an exit sheet for content area lessons.

Try a Set for Free!

Want to try a free set of these sentence writing sheets? I have a February free version available in my TPT store. You can click here to head over there to download it.

The sentence writing pages are available by season, or you can buy the yearlong bundle and save!
You can find the individual sets by clicking the pictures below.

Hi, I’m Jaymie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I taught for 17 years including 12 years in First Grade, 4 years as a Reading Interventionist, and 1 year in Pre-K. 

I have a passion for creating rigorous, easy to use primary resources that require little or no prep! I hope you find some easy ideas to take back to your classroom or use in your homeschool!

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