Classroom Management: Fast Finishers

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We’ve all been there.  Despite our best efforts at differentiation, some of our students complete their work very quickly!  Now they are standing by our side and asking “What can I do next?”

As you begin thinking about back to school, establishing a classroom management solution for your early finishers is one of the most important classroom routines you can plan for!

A reference display on a bulletin board or wall space makes an easy to manage system for our early finishers.

I have used a couple different designs over the years, but the goal is the same:
Create student independence through choice and a visual reference.

A few possible choices!



How it works: 
1.  Choose a variety of activities that students may complete when they are finished with their work.  Having about 6-8 student choices works really well.
2.  Create some sort of display for students to see a visual for the activities.  You could use a bulletin board, wall or door space, a pocket chart- the possibilities are endless.  If you don’t want to create your own images, I have two versions available in my TPT shop.  Both sets have more than 35 options of activities!  They are quick and easy to print and hang.
3. Rotate activities throughout the year so students have new choices to keep it fresh and fun!  One idea is to use clips or clothespins so you can quickly update the display.
Hear what others have said about my fast finishers bulletin board sets:
“This product has made my year in Kindergarten run very smoothly. The kids know exactly what to do when they finish and I have noticed a great change in behaviors!” – Amanda H.
“I always had kids come up to me and say, “I’m done, now what can I do?” Now with these fast finisher posters, I haven’t had anyone ask me! The pictures are a great visual for students and now they always have something to do when they finish!” – Julia K.
What are some of your favorite activities for your fast finishers?  Leave me a comment with some of the choices your students have.




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I have a passion for creating rigorous, easy to use primary resources that require little or no prep! I hope you find some easy ideas to take back to your classroom or use in your homeschool!

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