Sentence Writing Worksheets to Practice Revising


Use these simple sentence writing worksheets to help your first graders learn about revising their writing.
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Stretch the sentence writing worksheets are a great way for your students to learn about revising their writing. Revising is an important skill for first graders to learn, but teaching revising can be tricky! Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite strategies to teach revising in a fun way. Best of all, these simple sentence writing worksheets make it easy to plan your lessons!

If your students aren’t ready for revising yet, check out this post about writing simple sentences.

Model Improving Sentences: I Do!

The strategy is just as it sounds. We start with a simple sentence and make it more descriptive and complex one word or phrase at a time. It is also a great way for students to begin using adjectives in their writing!

Begin the lesson by displaying one of the sentence writing worksheets on your interactive board and model a think aloud. Let’s use this sentence- She made a cake– as an example. I love how these pages have space to list some describing words!

Underneath the sentence you will rewrite the sentence adding at least one word on each line.

Teach revising to students with this sentence writing worksheet that focuses on adding descriptive words.
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You could write:

She made a chocolate cake.

Underline the newly added words.

Then you repeat the process:

She made a four-layer chocolate cake.

Keep adding even more!

She made a fancy four-layer chocolate cake.

Practice Writing Sentences Together: We Do!

Repeat this process over several days using a gradual release of responsibility. You’ll want to use a new sentence writing worksheet each day, the set includes 30 pages.

Day 1- I do: Model the Strategy

Day 2- We do/Shared Writing- Teacher does the physical writing, students help with choosing words

Day 3- We do: Write Sentences with a Partner

Day 4- You do: Independent Sentence Writing Practice

On this sentence writing worksheet, students practice adding words to the sentence "The bear can climb."
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Time to Share Their Sentences

Remember to build in some time for students to share their sentences along the way. Students can share just the final sentence they wrote. It is fun for them to see the different sentences that everyone developed!

Once students are familiar with the strategy, it is important for students to continue their sentence writing practice, so that the skill becomes more internalized. These sheets make a great activity to add to a center or use as morning work so students can continue to practice their sentence writing skills!

Want to try a free sample of the sentence writing worksheets? Click the picture!

Want a free sample worksheet for sentence writing practice? Try this set!
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View the full resource here:

This resource contains 30 sentence writing worksheets to practice revising.
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