Organizing Math Centers: 3 Storage Options

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Organizing Math Centers

Are you looking for the perfect way to organize your math centers? Then look no further! Today, I’m sharing three creative and attractive options for storing them. From photo cases (task boxes) packed with fun crafty vibes to manila envelopes perfect for storing small-sized games and learning activities— there is something here that can suit every need. But don’t forget the clear envelope option either; so useful yet oh-so affordable too! Let’s get those math centers organized and ready in no time at all!

Ways to organize math centers
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Using Task Boxes for Math Centers

Task boxes are a fun way to organize your math centers.
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These attractive boxes are a great addition to any classroom, giving your math centers some extra flair! Not only do they look great, but their sturdy construction will keep all the parts and pieces for your centers safely stored. Just make sure your budget allows for the cost! You can expect to spend around $40 per set of 16 boxes- so keep your eyes open for a sale!

Using photo storage boxes for organizing math centers.
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As convenient as they may be, these task box organizers have their limitations. They may not fit comfortably into classrooms with limited cupboard space. Keep in mind too that worksheets won’t fit inside and must be stored elsewhere – so plan accordingly! I have also found the closures break-off pretty easily. Even with such drawbacks though…your math centers will never look better!

Organizing Math Centers with Manila Envelopes

Organizing math centers doesn’t have to break the bank! Manila envelopes are the perfect option to organize materials in a budget friendly way. Add some cute labels to the front and protect your hard work by running the envelopes through a laminator for extra durability. Then display them in a basket or storage container at your center.

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You can usually fit all needed supplies within one envelope; use larger 9×12 sizes for math centers that include worksheets and smaller 6×9 envelopes for smaller centers. When you are finished with the math center, they store away easily in containers or file drawers until their next use. Best part is – chances are high that you already have some hidden away in your school’s supply closet!

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These centers are stored in my favorite storage containers! You can read more about them in this post about Math Bins.

Clear Envelopes for Organization

Forget plain manila – get creative with clear envelopes for your math centers in the classroom! Not only will they provide a sturdy, yet expandable container to store bulky materials, but also give students an exciting sneak-peek of what awaits them inside. Plus – thanks to their budget friendly availability at local dollar stores – these nifty organization tools won’t break the bank either!

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Are you just getting started with math centers in your classroom? Check out this post with 6 tips for First Grade Math Centers.

Want some fresh math centers for your classroom? Check out these January Math Centers available in my TPT store.

January Math Centers
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