Zoo Field Trip Activities

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Are you going on a zoo field trip? Spring is a great time to visit the zoo- the weather is starting to warm up and the school year is beginning to wind down. Here are some fun zoo field trip activities to do with your class before, during, and after the trip.

Before Your Zoo Field Trip

Create reminder bracelets for students to wear home.

You’ve likely sent TONS of emails, notes, and reminders about the field trip- send one more! Have students create a bracelet that reminds parents the field trip is tomorrow! This makes a great end of the day activity. Let students spend a few minutes coloring the bracelet and then tape them to their wrists.

Students color and wear home a bracelet reminder about the zoo field trip.
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Write about an animal they want to see on the zoo field trip.

Use this activity with your students the day before or even the morning of the trip. Have students draw a picture of an animal they want to see at the zoo and write about the animal. They could write facts about the animal, or why they love that animal.

Writing project about an animal children want to see at the zoo.
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Draw animals in their enclosures.

This activity is GREAT for the morning of the field trip. Field trip days are hectic! Let students complete this fun worksheet while you are busy greeting volunteers, packing coolers, and making sure everyone and everything is ready to go!

Students draw animals in their zoo enclosures.
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You can grab a free copy of this zoo field trip worksheet!

During the Zoo Field Trip

Hopefully you have some volunteers attending the field trip with you! I like to pack a large manila envelope for each volunteers’ group with some activities and supplies. Include items like a double-sided worksheet, pencils, a few crayons, and some bandages. Then I add a schedule and important information on the outside of the envelope.

Volunteer packet for zoo field trip.
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Over the years, I found it was important for students to have a task or two to complete while they are on the trip. Otherwise, students would quickly “run” through the zoo (our zoo isn’t huge) and not spend much time with the animals.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep students engaged! Have students see how many of the animals they can find at the zoo and check them off or color the animal pictures as they find them.

Worksheet for a zoo field trip scavenger hunt.
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Observing Animals

We spend a lot of time teaching our students how scientists observe the world! The zoo is the perfect opportunity to practice their observation skills.

Students observe and draw animals at the zoo.
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Students will watch for certain animal behaviors such as eating, sleeping, and playing. Students can draw and/or write about the animals they observed displaying these behaviors.

Reading About the Animals

Zoos are full of signs and graphics that give more information about the animals! Often, we quickly pass by this information and miss an opportunity for deeper learning. Have students spend some time reading about the animals. Then have students choose one animal to observe and write 3 facts they learned about that animal.

Worksheet for observing and writing facts about a zoo animal.
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After the Zoo Field Trip

Your students will likely be TIRED after the field trip! A fun craftivity is the perfect way to end the day. It gives students an opportunity to reflect on their learning for the day and have a little downtime as well.

Flip book project about the zoo field trip.
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This project is a great way to end the day. Students fold the booklet and write about their trip. Students choose one of the nine animal toppers to color and add to the project. Hang the projects on a bulletin board or create a hall display!

You can find all of these activities, plus planning resources in my Zoo Field Trip packet!

This zoo field trip activity packet is available for purchase. Click to learn more.
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